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The Admiral Graf Spee was one of the most famous German naval warships of World War II, along with the Bismarck. Her size was limited to that of a cruiser by the Treaty of Versailles, but she was as heavily armed as a small battleship due to innovative weight-saving techniques employed in her construction.She was sent to the Atlantic Ocean as a commerce raider in 1939, where she sank nine Allied merchant ships. Numerous British hunting groups were assigned to find her, with three British ships finally tracking her down in December 1939. The Battle of the River Plate ensued, during which the Graf Spee was damaged. She docked for repairs in the neutral port of Montevideo, but was forced by international law to leave within 72 hours. Faced with what he believed to be overwhelming odds, the captain scuttled his ship rather than risk the lives of his crew.

Admiral Graf Spee was a Deutschland-class cruiser. Launched in 1934, she was named after the World War I Admiral Graf Maximilian von Spee who died, along with two of his sons, in the first Battle of the Falkland Islands on 8 December 1914. She was the second vessel to be named after him, the first being the uncompleted World War I German battlecruiser SMS Graf Spee. The launching took place on 30 June 1934 with Admiral Erich Raeder delivering a pre-launch speech, and the christening performed by Grafin Huberta von Spee, daughter of the late Vice Admiral von Spee. Before Admiral Graf Spee was given her official name, she was referred to as Panzerschiff C and Ersatz Braunschweig, as she would be replacing the old battleship Braunschweig in the fleet inventory. She cost 82 million Reichsmark to build.

After World War I, replacement capital ships for the German Navy were limited by the Treaty of Versailles to 10,000 tons and 11 inch (280 mm) guns. Electric arc welding was used in her construction instead of conventional rivets, thereby saving considerable weight by not requiring overlapping steel plates. Furthermore, Graf Spee’s eight main engines used diesel fuel, an unconventional configuration at the time that also contributed to weight saving. The weight saving allowed her carry a main gun of the same calibre as a battleship, while remaining near the displacement limit of the Treaty of Versailles., hence the classification by the British of her and her two sisters, Deutschland (later renamed Lützow) and Admiral Scheer, as pocket battleships. A year after the Graf Spee’s loss, her sisters were reclassified as heavy cruisers.

Source: Wikipedia.


I don't know about the lowest requirements, so I won't be guessing. AGS had done tests on two computers. You will find scores of this test at the end of document


Run setup program and during the installation process - insert the registration code  which you will get  by e-mail  after  PayPal  transaction confirmation.
This software requires  about 455 Mb disk space.


The install program has default path to FSX and will install the ship in this place automatically. If your FSX was installed in other place, you must to place your correct path during this process in the window as below

After installation run FSX and go to the SELECT AIRCRAFT, then adjust all column as below


Because this is big, unique ship with specific dynamic description you must remember about two things:
   1. - you can start sail from included saved position first time, then change the place anywhere you
         want and save flight for your next position. You can not start in standard mode - float plane, then
         change the ship - unless you will turn off -"detect crashes" -only for this moment (img. below)
         You can also start from the any airport near the water, then drag the ship to the water in
         SLEW mode OR start with another ship then change the model in the water.
   2. - When you turn the stern turret (3 cannons) press key NUM 5 for center course (after - if necessary)

The settings as above you will set only if necessary.


In the archive file, you can find folder: FLIGHT SIMULATOR X FILES.
Copy and paste this folder to the MY DOCUMENTS, then start Flight Simulator X.
In the main menu choose FREE FLIGHT and click LOAD button then choose the flight: Deltasim HMS King George V - Scapa Flow
The main British naval bases  during WW I and  WW II.
Vista users:



Total dimensions: (L,W,H m.) --------------------- 186 , 21.6 , 27
Displacement: ------------------------------------------- 12100 tons (standard), 16023 tons (full)
Draft: -------------------------------------------------------- 7.4 m.
Fuel: -------------------------------------------------------- 2 x 8000 p
Weaponry: ----------------------------------------------- 6 x 283 mm MK VII, 8 x 150 mm, 6 x 88 mm 8 MK37 mm, 10 x 20 mm,  8 torpedoes 533 mm.
Equipment: ---------------------------------------------- 2 aircraft Arado 196 - here 1 pc.
Moving parts: ------------------------------------------- rudder, throttle, gauges, switches, doors, flags, gangways, cannon turrets, rangefinders, fire console, search reflectors, torpedo launchers, torpedoes
Controlled: ----------------------------------------------- speed, reverse engine, turns, lights, anchor drop and rise, some doors, gangways, turrets, fire control, torpedo launchers, torpedoes, parade flags
Panel: ----------------------------------------------------- virtual cockpit - 3 fire consoles + whole ship
Engine: --------------------------------------------------- 8 Diesel engines  52000 KM
Speed max: --------------------------------------------- 28 Knots
Starter: --------------------------------------------------- 2x one touch starter
Model: ---------------------------------------------------- 2 models in five variants, 5 x lite version, 5 x pro version
Documentation: --------------------------------------- included
Disk space: -------------------------------------------- 455 Mb



Lite version has no: 2 cabin life boats and bow chains



This is very accurate, very detailed model built for FSX SP2 with native DirectX textures, custom effects, gauges and sounds. The model has
unique cannon shooting, torpedo launch with wake and turrets moving.
Moreover all 150 mm turrets have cartridges for 10 missiles (10 shots) for firing in one session - 80 missiles in total. Next, all 283 mm turrets
have 10 missiles for cannon of type: armor-piercing or anti-aircraft and 10 missiles of type: water-bomb for better localizing the water target
(ships, submarines, platform, etc.). In total you have 120 missiles = 40 shots in one session.
 - What is the session?
The session is the needed time for wearing all missiles out. After each shot, number of the cartridge missiles is reducing to the nought (0).
When you will have all empty cartridges you must RELOAD the ship. After reload, the position, course etc. will stay the same like previously,
the cartridges will full again.
 - How to RELOAD the ship
Go to the: SETTINGS / CONTROLS then you will see the SETTINGS - CONTROL window. Choose: BUTTON / KEYS bookmark.
Next choose ALL EVENTS at events category and mark AIRCRAFT (reload) - how below, then make new assignment (if it is empty)


Because FSX has permanent problem with lights, may occur that sometimes your deck light or VC light will be going out while turning different lights on.
In this case you need turn invisible lights off and on again.

Graphic problems:

All tests were done on clean FSX SP2 without no additions.
Deltasim Studio is not taking the responsibility for graphic problems in the connection with badly working additions like: REX, FEX or others.
However when you will experience graphic problems - try to do:

     - reduce size of textures (REX and FEX - to 2048 or 1024)
     - reduce scenery sliders to the left side ( how much, check experimentally)


- If you mix panel switches with keyboard keys the control light will lost correct relation of events,
I mean, if you change a variant of boat without engine stop your new variant will sail without correct
control light of engine (start-stop) - for lights simply push L key twice.
The same concern other moving parts controlled by the switches.


THE FIRE CONSOLE   / the same schema as in HMS King George V - the difference is: here we have less cannons.

Everything is logical and easy.
These blue buttons are triggers for water-bomb and green buttons are triggers for armor-piercing and anti-aircraft missiles.
From the outside view and at the starboard fire console and stern fire console you can use keyboard buttons:

between shots, do 1-2 seconds of the break

CTRL + NUM ENTER  ---------------------------------------- stern turret turn to the starboard
CTRL + NUM 0  ------------------------------------------------- stern turret turn to the port

CTRL + NUM 6  ------------------------------------------------- bow turrets turn to the starboard
CTRL + NUM 4  ------------------------------------------------- bow turrets turn to the port

NUM 7  ------------------------------------------------------------- all cannons up
NUM 1  ------------------------------------------------------------- all cannons down

To hit the target you need adjust your cannons (up-down)
The ship has three fire consoles:
  1. - in captain bridge
  2. - at starboard
  3. - at the stern
And remember, in FSX you can not destroy anything really, it is virtual war only.
When you are in the outside view you can make only one salvo from all cannons with "/" key, next, after ship reloading (SHIFT + CTRL + R)

starboard fire console                                                                                                    stern fire console

All gauges and switches have the descriptions. We are opening the door with touch of the knob (bridge only)

radio, radar console
                                                                                                      engine, lights, anchor, parade flags console


torpedo range - 1200 m.
one launcher only works at the same time (left or right)
one side of triggers working at the same time (can't fire to oneself)




Before you change the variant of model or any model, switch off the engine or lower sail !

Adjust SETTINGS REALISM first. To feel wind, adjust General slider to the right.

1 -  switch on: battery
2 -  push F1 key to set throttle at 0  -  VERY IMPORTANT !
2 -  switch ON engine 1 , 2   in 1sec. period.
3 -  sail
4 -  use throttle control for speed
5 -  for very slow sailing - use engine 1  only.



SHIFT + ENTER  ---------------------------------------- UP
SHIFT + BACKSPACE  ------------------------------
CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER ----------------------------- RIGHT
CTRL + SHIFT + BACKSPACE  -------------------LEFT
CTRL + ENTER ------------------------------------------ BACK
CTRL + BACKSPACE -------------------------------- FORWARD


F9  ------------------------------------------------------------ VC
F10  ---------------------------------------------------------- MINI PANEL (EMPTY)
F11  ---------------------------------------------------------  SPOT, TOWER
F12  ---------------------------------------------------------  TOP DOWN
A  ------------------------------------------------------------  TOGGLE CAMERA
S  ------------------------------------------------------------  TOGGLE VIEW
-   ------------------------------------------------------------- ZOOM (-)
+   ------------------------------------------------------------ ZOOM (+)
CTRL + SHIFT ------------------------------------------  TOGGLE   ZOOM  (-,+)
CTRL + SPACE  ---------------------------------------  RESET VC VIEW TO DEFAULT


INSIDE :               F9   >>>  SHIFT + S   >>>  A, A, A, A......
OUTSIDE :          F 10  >>>  SHIFT + S  >>>  A, A, A, A.......


F2  --------------------------------------------------------  REVERS ENGINE   (AND QUICK BREAK)
F3  --------------------------------------------------------  SLIGHTLY FORWARD
F4  --------------------------------------------------------  FULL POWER
F1  --------------------------------------------------------  POWER OFF
* ,  -     (NUMPAD) --------------------------------


0   (NUMPAD) ------------------------------------------  LEFT   -------------> carefully, with sense
ENTER   (NUMPAD) ---------------------------------  RIGHT  ------------> carefully, with sense
5  (NUMPAD)  ------------------------------------------  STRAIGHT




sliders as below:

place of the test: Seattle - default
state: sailing
machine 1: Pentium dual core 2x2600 MHz, 4G RAM, Nvidia 8800 GTS 320 MB, res. 1280x1024

machine 2: Pentium dual core 2x3300 MHz, 4G RAM, Nvidia 285 GTX 2GB, res. 1920x1200



achine 1 - PRO version = 28 - 30 fps
                       - LITE version  = 33 - 36 fps

       machine 2 - PRO version = 46 - 48 fps
                       - LITE version =  56 - 58 fps


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